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Rape is not a way to make female characters stronger.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Just Gave Their First Joint Interview About Baby Sussex

"I have the two best guys in the world, so I'm really happy," says Markle.

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Gabrielle Union Is ‘Not Here to Serve Hollywood’

Gabrielle Union has been sharing her “pain and grief” for decades. Now she has a new mission.

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Celebrities Paid Tribute to Their Mamas in the Sweetest Ways for Mother's Day

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Cuteness overload, coming right up.

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"I mean look who it's placed in front of... She's the culprit."

These Mother's Day Instagram posts are beyond beautiful.

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Everything We Know So Far About This Is Us Season 4

Where is Kate? What's going on with Rebecca? We have so many questions that need answered.

There's a lot more of the Pearson family in your future.

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Michelle Obama Shares Her Lessons on Motherhood in a Moving Personal Essay

"It’s up to give the girls in our lives the kind of support that keeps their flame lit."

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Mother's Day Photo of Archie Pays Tribute to Princess Diana

Plus, how Meghan is celebrating her first Mother's Day.

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These 10 TV Shows and Movies Are the Only Things to Care About This Week

The Bachelorette premiere is all I'm thinking about.


This Bride Asked Her Maid of Honor to Postpone Her Breast Implants

"She said she wants to be the hottest one in her wedding party."

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"People can hold conflicting feelings in their hearts—that conflict is a part of being human."

Remember that lurking Azor Ahai prophecy?


It's Not Just Royals—the Pressure for a Perfect 'Baby Reveal' Photo Is Real

A growing number of soon-to-be mothers are booking hair, makeup, or lash extension appointments before giving birth. But it's not just about wanting to look their best in photos—it's about how they feel.

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The Thierry Mugler design included a corset made by iconic corset maker Mr. Pearl.

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"My last conversation with my mom, or lack there of, doesn’t define the lifetime we had together."

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Rihanna and Selena Gomez have both worn it on the 'gram.

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Like that her brows are a secret tribute to Audrey Hepburn.